This is SYSTEM2C!

Adding Value to You in Design and Analysis, Product Development and Capability Building in Marine Infrastructure and Environment.

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SYSTEM2C is a startup to provide smart, sustainable solutions in marine environment and infrastructure. The group is founded by Dr. Ashwini Kumar Otta. Our philosophy is to bring innovative solutions to practice through continuous and effective assimilation of research and new knowledge. We offer consulting, design & analysis, product development and capability development in these themes: ports, harbours, marinas; coastal protection; climate change adaptation for marine infrastructure, Renewable (blue) energy, design & analysis in coastal and offshore dynamics. We are geared to complement business partners with our specialized expertise and also work directly with clients from governmental Executing Agencies such as Public Works, Maritime Board, Port Authorities; Donor Agencies such as ADB, World Bank; Regulatory Authorities, Navy, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies and R&D Sponsors.

Why Us?

Start-up agility, Wide experience

We exhibit the enthusiasm of a start-up, but bring to our clients years of wide experience through the collective efforts of our network partners and employees. What is important for our clients is that we can overcome the deficiency of our small size by leveraging our network of global consultants. We invest heavily in assimilating new research and knowledge to upgrade our services continually.

Try us for adding value to your activities in coastal and offshore infrastructure design and analysis, computational modelling of coastal and offshore processes, climate Change Impacts and planning of Renewable Energy.